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Here's my situation. See if you can help.

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So out of desperation with not being able to create a Bitinstant account, I asked my friend if he could use his account to buy me bitcoins. (take into account this guy has been known for being sketchy in the past, but never to me and not in a long time) He agrees and I go over to his house with the money and he sets up my transaction and is going to go do the cash deposit himself, but I offer since it's my money.
I have had multiple successful transactions in the past all that went through by the time I sat back down in the car. But it's been 3 days since I went to Wal-Mart and nothing. 0.0 BTC in my blockchain wallet.
Now I have been in contact with this dude but the only thing he can tell me is that my transaction is listed as pending in his bitinstant account. He can't log into the email he used to see if there's a confirmation email because he forgot his info and can't recover it because the recovery email he used was one of those ones that expire after not using it for a certain amount of time. All his words.
So at this point, I think it's fair that I be a little suspicious of theft (him putting in his wallet address instead of mine). I believe in innocent until proven guilty, so I'm not saying the guy did it, but it would be in the back of anybody's mind.
Today I say we should meet up. That I hate to be such a hassle but $285 of mine is just floating in cyber space and I want to get together so I can check everything out and figure out the best way to try and handle this (whether it be correcting anything we put in wrong or contacting support). He says that there's really no need to since the only info he can access is his bitinstant account and that my transaction is still marked as pending.
Not wanting to let him know I'm suspicious (could come in handy, somehow. I don't know) I say alright. That I'll just wait it out and contact support if I feel I need to.
So the main thing I want to know is if anyone is experiencing slow transaction times from Bitinstant at the moment. That would really put me at ease. But since I've had so many successful immediate transactions, and there's no talk of bitinstant being slow on forums, I feel like that can't be the case.
Ultimately I know that if I can't prove he did it (hell. even if I can), I'm totally shit out of luck. It was the risk I took, and if he has my BTC, I'm not getting them back. I just wanted to know if anyone had any advice to give.
My next move is going to be a long, well-worded, unoffensive message saying that I am suspicious. And that he could prove to me that everything is well, that would be greatly appreciated. Since he can access his bitinstant account, he would be able to show me which wallet he sent the money to, which is all I really need to turn my hate from him to bitinstant, and not feel like a complete ass.
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